Is Microsoft Still Down? Reason of Microsoft Services down

Microsoft Shutdown

Starting around 01:49 am, February 8, 2023, Microsoft data centers in Southeast Asia began to face an issue in their cooling units. As per the system logs, it started as intermittent dislocations to the different services like Azure App Service, Azure Cosmos Db, and Azure SQL Db to Azure Storage accounts, but by7.30 am redounded in the complete attainability of specific coffers.

Azure said it “ proactively powered down a small subset of named cipher and storehouse scale units ” to minimise the damage to tackle, but was unfit to say when services would be restored, as an extended period would be demanded to restore cooling capacity. It said “ Multiple downstream services have been linked as impacted. ” Nearly all of Azure’s services in the South- east Asia region were reporting issues, a check by The woe Times set up on Wednesday evening.

The websites belonging to the CPF Board, EZ- Link, the Esplanade and NTU all refocused to Azure’s outage as the reason for their service interruptions. Callers to the CPF Board’s website on Wednesday were met with the following communication “ Microsoft is passing a indigenous outage that’s affecting multiple websites. However, please use the CPF Mobile app rather, If you have difficulty penetrating CPF digital services on our website ” It said it would give updates “ in due course ”.

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