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स्वयं से एक वादा: मेघा की कॉफी डेट

शाम के पांच बजे का समय था जब मेघा को अचानक याद आया कि आज वीरवार है और उसने खुद से एक वादा किया था। उसके चेहरे पर एक न संभाल पाने वाली मुस्कान फैल गई, और वह फुर्ती से अपने आप को संभालते हुए तैयार होने लगी क्योंकि ओह, शिवम का गणित का होमवर्क […]

Top 5 Chatbots for Business in 2023

Chatbots for Business If you’re running a business, it’s likely that your team spends a considerable amount of time fielding common inquiries from customers. This is where the beauty of chatbots comes into play. They excel at automating routine information-based queries, allowing your customer service, sales, and marketing teams to channel their efforts towards more […]

Jawan Movie Collection Till Day 9 : Film Crossed 400 Cr Mark in India

Jawan Movie Collection Shah Rukh Khan’s latest movie, ‘Jawan,’ has taken the Indian film industry by storm, quickly surpassing the success of Sunny Deol’s blockbuster hit, ‘Gadar 2.’ In just eight days since its release, ‘Jawan’ has ascended to become one of the highest-grossing films of all time. The film’s remarkable performance on Friday, September […]

Are Argentina Out Of FIFA World Company 2022?

Even after their 2-1 defeat to Saudi Arabia on November 22, Argentina remains bookmakers’ favored to win the FIFA World Cup 2022. Even if Saudi Arabia’s victory is stunning, it does not substantially affect Argentina’s possibility of winning the championship. Nonetheless, Argentina lovers can be hopeful as they remember that lower back in 1990, the […]

Saudi King Declares Holiday After Winning Over Argentina

FIFA World Cup 2022 – Saudi Arabia declared a national day tomorrow after the soccer team’s 2-1 victory over Argentina at the FIFA World Cup, state media reported. All public and private employees are on furlough tomorrow, King Salman of Saudi Arabia announced today. it also remained closed. The move comes amid final exams in […]

Drishyam 2 Movie: Trailer, Start Cast, Collection

Abhishek’s thriller is still a hot item since its release last Friday. After Brahamastra’s theatrical run, the film Drishyam 2ends the drought at the box office. The Ajay Devgan starrer earned 15.38 crore on its first day. Analysts had expected it to earn between 13-15 crore. It was the second-highest Bollywood opening of 2022. The […]

Halloween 2022: The Facts You Should Know

Halloween is a holiday to commemorate the dead and is observed in Europe and America on the 31st of October. Also, it is celebrated to mark the transition between summer and winter. Halloween is a long-standing Celtic celebration celebrated on the day that marks the end of autumn in European countries and America. Since its […]

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