Top 100 Popular Searches on TikTok 2023

Top 100 searches on TikTok

Searches on TikTok

TikTok has emerged as a primary search engine for many Gen Z users, with about 40% of them preferring it over Google for finding information. To effectively engage with this audience, marketers should focus on enhancing their visibility in TikTok search results. We’ve gathered a detailed list of the most frequently searched topics on TikTok, using data from KeywordTool, a renowned resource for search engine keyword analytics. This list excludes any misspelled, inappropriate (NSFW), or redundant keywords.

What are the top searches on TikTok

As of November 2023, the leading search queries on TikTok are centered around “Roblox” and “Song.” Following these are other high-ranking searches on TikTok such as “NBA,” “Netflix,” “Barclays Premier League,” and “ASMR.”

Top 100 Searches on TikTok

RankKeyword ( searches on TikTok)Search Volume
5Barclays Premier League55,150,000
=10Real Madrid30,200,000
=14Mr Beast24,690,000
=14Champions League24,690,000
=17Taylor Swift20,180,000
=29Funny Videos11,020,000
=29Happy Birthday11,020,000
=29One Piece11,020,000
=29Al Nassar11,020,000
=35Harry Potter9,026,000
=38Victoria’s Secret7,367,000
=38Arianna Grande7,367,000
=50Hello Kitty4,062,000
=50Kim Kardashian4,062,000
=57Kylie Jenner3,319,000
=60Michael Jordan2,715,000
=60Tom Brady2,715,000
=60Fashion Nova2,715,000
=91Arts and Crafts996,000

Roblox: Roblox is a global online platform that brings people together through play. It allows users to design, create, and play a multitude of games and experiences in a user-generated 3D world. Launched in 2006, Roblox has become a massive multiplayer online platform, particularly popular among younger audiences. It provides a unique space where creativity and interaction converge, offering tools for players to create their own games and virtual worlds. The platform fosters a strong community, encouraging collaboration and sharing among its users. With its diverse range of games and experiences, Roblox represents a new wave of interactive, immersive digital entertainment.

NBA (National Basketball Association): The NBA is a professional basketball league in North America, comprising 30 teams (29 in the United States and 1 in Canada). It’s renowned for showcasing the world’s best basketball talent and is considered the premier men’s professional basketball league globally. Established in 1946, the NBA has grown into a cultural phenomenon, combining sports, entertainment, and fashion. It hosts iconic athletes and legendary teams, contributing significantly to the sport’s evolution. The league’s global outreach, merchandising, and media coverage have made it a key player in international sports.

Netflix: Netflix is a streaming giant, offering a vast library of films, television shows, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-connected devices. Founded in 1997, it started as a DVD rental service and evolved into a leading streaming platform by 2007. Netflix’s groundbreaking approach includes a wide array of original programming, produced and distributed exclusively on the service. Known for its personalized recommendation system, Netflix has revolutionized the way content is consumed, making binge-watching a common phenomenon. Its impact extends globally, shaping trends in entertainment consumption and production. It is one if the most viral searches on TikTok.

Barclays Premier League: The Premier League, sponsored by Barclays, is the top level of the English football league system. Established in 1992, it replaced the First Division of the Football League. Comprising 20 clubs, it operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the English Football League. Renowned for its high-paced and competitive matches, the Premier League is one of the world’s most-watched sports leagues, famed for its diverse range of international players and a global fan base. The league’s influence extends beyond football, impacting broader cultural and social aspects.

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response): ASMR refers to a tingling, relaxing sensation often triggered by specific auditory or visual stimuli. It has become a popular genre on digital platforms like YouTube and TikTok, where creators produce content intended to induce this response. Common triggers include whispering, tapping, and soft sounds. ASMR content aims to provide relaxation and stress relief to viewers, and its popularity has soared, highlighting the growing public interest in wellness and mindfulness through digital media. It is the famous searches on TikTok.

Minecraft: Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios, released in 2011. It’s known for its unique blocky, pixelated graphics and allows players to explore, build, and create in an open-world environment made of blocks. Players engage in activities like crafting, resource gathering, combat, and exploration. The game offers different modes, catering to various playstyles. Minecraft’s appeal lies in its freedom and creativity, providing an endless canvas for imagination. Its educational potential, particularly in teaching coding and problem-solving skills, has also been recognized. It is among the top searches on TikTok in the gaming industry.

Lionel Messi: Lionel Messi is an Argentine professional footballer widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. Known for his incredible dribbling skills, vision, and scoring ability, Messi has spent the majority of his career with FC Barcelona before moving to Paris Saint-Germain in 2021. He has won numerous awards, including multiple FIFA World Player of the Year titles. Messi’s influence extends beyond the pitch; he is a global sports icon, known for his humility and dedication to the sport. It is one of the trending searches on TikTok from the sports.

Anime: Anime refers to a style of animation originating from Japan, characterized by colorful artwork, fantastical themes, and vibrant characters. It encompasses a wide range of genres and appeals to diverse audiences worldwide. Anime is distributed through television series, films, and web series, often based on manga (Japanese comics). It’s notable for its emphasis on storytelling, complex characters, and often, intricate plotlines. Anime’s popularity has led to a significant cultural impact, influencing fashion, art, and entertainment globally. It is one of the popular searches on TikTok.

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K-pop (Korean Pop): K-pop is a music genre originating in South Korea, characterized by a wide range of audiovisual elements. It includes an array of performers, from solo artists to large groups, and is known for its catchy melodies, synchronized dance routines, and fashionable styling. K-pop has a massive global following, thanks to its highly polished production values, dedicated fan communities, and the use of social media for promotion. The genre has influenced not just music, but also fashion, dance, and pop culture worldwide. It is one of the top most searches on TikTok.

Artà: Artà is a small, picturesque town located on the northeastern coast of Majorca, in the Balearic Islands, Spain. Known for its natural beauty and historical heritage, Artà boasts a variety of attractions, including the Santuari de Sant Salvador, a hilltop fortress with breathtaking views. The town’s charming streets are lined with traditional Mallorcan houses, artisan shops, and local restaurants. Artà is also a gateway to the Llevant Natural Park, a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering hiking, birdwatching, and stunning landscapes. It is one of the most searches on TikTok.

Our compilation of the top 100 most searches on TikTok comes to a close with this summary. A significant portion of these searches revolves around well-known personalities, highlighting the platform’s role as a hub for celebrity content. Figures like Taylor Swift, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kim Kardashian dominate the search queries, underscoring their immense popularity and influence on the platform. Beyond celebrities, TikTok users frequently seek out content that offers entertainment and amusement. Keywords such as “prank,” “challenge,” and “humor” feature prominently in the list, reflecting the platform’s reputation as a source for engaging, fun, and often lighthearted content. This trend demonstrates TikTok’s dual appeal: a space for keeping up with famous figures and a destination for discovering entertaining videos that cater to a wide range of interests and tastes.

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