Everything About Azhar Iqubal: Shark Tank Season 03’s New Judge

Azhar Iqbal

Azhar Iqubal – CEO of Inshorts

As Shark Tank, the popular television show that spotlights entrepreneurial talent, enters its third season, there’s a notable addition to the panel of judges. Azhar Iqubal, a rising star in the world of technology and startups, has joined the show as a guest judge. In this comprehensive blog, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about Azhar Iqubal, from his early life and entrepreneurial journey to his role as a new judge on Shark Tank Season 03.

Early Life and Education

Azhar Iqubal was born in a small village in India. His humble beginnings shaped his work ethic and drive to succeed. Despite facing financial challenges and limited access to educational resources, Azhar’s passion for learning and entrepreneurship drove him to excel in his studies.

He earned a scholarship to attend a prestigious engineering college in India, where he pursued a degree in computer science. This educational opportunity marked the beginning of a transformative journey that would lead him to become a notable figure in the tech and startup industry.

Entrepreneurial Journey

Azhar Iqubal’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to his determination and innovative spirit. After completing his engineering degree, he ventured into the tech industry and co-founded multiple startups. His first significant venture was Inshorts, a mobile app that summarizes news articles into 60 words or less.

Inshorts’ success was immediate and remarkable. The app gained widespread popularity in India, attracting millions of users and earning Azhar recognition as a young and promising entrepreneur. The app’s ability to provide concise and engaging news summaries in a time-pressed world resonated with users, making it a game-changer in the media landscape.

As the co-founder and CEO of Inshorts, Azhar Iqubal played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s vision and growth. His ability to identify market gaps and provide innovative solutions set him apart in the startup ecosystem.

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Inshorts went on to raise significant funding from investors and evolved into a news discovery platform, incorporating not only text-based news but also video content and more. This expansion broadened the company’s reach and positioned it as a leading player in the digital news space.

Role as a Shark Tank Judge

Azhar Iqubal’s invitation to be a guest judge on Shark Tank Season 03 is a testament to his achievements and industry expertise. As a guest judge, he brings a fresh perspective to the show, combining his background in technology and startups with his firsthand experience of building and scaling a successful company.

In this role, Azhar evaluates pitches from entrepreneurs seeking investment and provides valuable insights and advice. His unique perspective, having been on the other side of the table as a founder, allows him to empathize with the entrepreneurs and offer constructive feedback.

Azhar’s participation in the show adds a contemporary dimension to Shark Tank, reflecting the growing influence of technology and innovation in the business world. He also represents a bridge between the traditional and digital realms, illustrating how technology can disrupt and transform traditional industries.

Beyond his role as a judge, Azhar Iqubal’s presence on Shark Tank serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds. His journey from a small village to a successful entrepreneur and TV personality exemplifies the limitless potential that exists in the world of startups and innovation.

Business Insights and Advice

Azhar Iqubal’s background in tech and startups equips him with valuable insights and advice that he readily shares with entrepreneurs on Shark Tank. Here are some key lessons and principles he often imparts:

  1. Innovation is Key: Azhar emphasizes the importance of innovative ideas and solutions. He encourages entrepreneurs to think outside the box and identify unique value propositions that set their products or services apart.
  2. Market Research: Understanding the target market is critical. Azhar stresses the need for thorough market research to identify consumer needs and preferences.
  3. Focus on User Experience: User experience is a priority in the digital age. Azhar advises entrepreneurs to prioritize usability, design, and customer satisfaction.
  4. Adaptability: The business landscape is constantly evolving. Azhar Iqubal encourages entrepreneurs to be adaptable and open to change, especially in response to market feedback and trends.
  5. Resilience: Startups face numerous challenges and setbacks. Azhar’s journey from a small village to success in the tech industry is a testament to the power of resilience and perseverance.
  6. Building a Strong Team: Azhar highlights the importance of assembling a capable and complementary team. A strong team is often the backbone of a successful startup.
  7. Vision and Strategy: Clear vision and a well-defined strategy are essential. Azhar Iqubal encourages entrepreneurs to have a long-term vision and a roadmap for achieving their goals.
  8. Seeking Mentorship: Mentorship and guidance are invaluable. Azhar himself benefited from mentors who helped him navigate the startup world, and he advises entrepreneurs to seek mentorship and network with experienced professionals.


Azhar Iqubal’s journey from a small village in India to a prominent figure in the tech and startup industry is a remarkable testament to the power of determination, innovation, and resilience. His role as a guest judge on Shark Tank Season 03 brings a fresh perspective and contemporary insights to the show, aligning with the growing influence of technology in the business world.

Azhar’s story and the lessons he imparts serve as inspiration to entrepreneurs, especially those facing challenges and limited resources. His success underscores the limitless potential within the startup ecosystem and demonstrates that innovative ideas and hard work can transcend any barriers.

As Azhar Iqubal continues to make his mark in the tech and entrepreneurial world, his journey and achievements are a reminder that anyone, regardless of their background, can aspire to greatness and make a significant impact in their chosen field. His presence on Shark Tank and his commitment to sharing knowledge and guidance further solidify his status as a prominent figure in the global business community.

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